my|Rewards Boarding Pass Help & FAQ

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Updated: June 4, 2020

Q. What are the biggest changes you have recently made to the STN Boarding Pass program?

A: We have made modifications to our Boarding Pass program that include the way our guests earn points. We no longer offer points on non-gaming amenities and table games. While table games guests may still earn traditional comps, monthly offers and access to table games promotions. Guests seeking to earn non-gaming points can sign up for the Station Casinos my | Rewards™ Mastercard® and earn up to 30 points for every dollar spent at Station Casinos properties upon approval.

Q: Why did you make all these changes?

A. These changes enhance our ability to provide better value to our guests through universal promotions (kiosk promotions, drawings and more), as well as through the individual Rewards incentives each guest receives.

Q: Did the current schedule for earning points change?

A. Yes, earn one (1) base point for every $2 of coin-in on Video Poker and Multi-Game boxes, Video Blackjack and Electronic Table Games. However, you will still earn one (1) base point for every $1 of coin-in on Video Reel, Reel Slot and Standalone Keno machines, unless otherwise designated. In addition, there are marked slot games that will be excluded from earning points.

Q. Why did you cut my poker value in half?

A. Like most of our competitors, we recognize that the point value on video poker games limits our ability to provide other types of offers and incentives to our guests. By making this change, we allow ourselves the opportunity to provide better value through our universal promotions (kiosk promotions, drawings and more).

Q: Why are keno points 2:1 in multi-game machines, but 1:1 on keno only machines?

A: Unfortunately, our machines are not able to separate the play for base points on different games on machines that have poker and keno.

Q. What do status credits mean and how is it different from earning points?

A. Status credits let you move from one tier to another and are earned by swiping your Boarding Pass card at all gaming and non-gaming outlets. Status credits let you earn towards tier advancement. Points are earned by using your Boarding Pass card when playing slots, bingo, poker, keno, making Race and Sports wagers, making STN Play purchases or through purchases with your Station Casinos my | Rewards™ Mastercard®.

Q. Do these updates to the STN Boarding Pass program affect my status credits or my ability to earn status credits?

A. No, these updates do not affect your current status credits or your ability to earn status credits. Guests of all tiers can still earn status credits at Station Casinos by gaming or by dining in restaurants, staying at the hotel, enjoying our spa and salon, bowling, race and sports, ice skating, etc. All status credit earning options remain the same as before.

Q: How do I earn points in non-gaming areas now?

A: By signing up for the Station Casinos my | Rewards™ Mastercard®, upon approval, guests can not only earn 30 points for every dollar spent at Station Casinos properties, they can also earn $50 in Free Slot Play upon approval and then another 50,000 points after spending $1,000 within the first three billing cycles. Some restrictions may apply. Visit the Rewards Center for the official my | Rewards™ Mastercard® rules.

Q: Can I still move up to the next tier if I don’t gamble?

A: Yes, you can still swipe your Boarding Pass card for most transactions at Station Casinos properties and earn status credits which will count toward tier advancement.

Q. What are the benefits to advancing in tier if I don’t receive points?

A. The Station Casinos Boarding Pass program offers many fantastic tier benefits. By advancing your tier status, you will receive additional benefits that include VIP parking, VIP restaurant line access, discounts on food and beverage, complimentary concert tickets and more!

Q: Do I get points for dining?

A: No, however, you can swipe your Boarding Pass card at most food and beverage outlets (excluding non-Station owned venues) to earn status credits or use your Station Casinos my | Rewards™ Mastercard® to earn 30 points for every dollar spent at Station Casinos properties upon approval. Plus, make sure to always present your Boarding Pass card to your server to unlock additional Boarding Pass discounts (where available).

Q: Do I get points for hotel stays?

A: No, but make sure to swipe your Boarding Pass card at the front desk to earn status credits or use your Station Casinos my | Rewards™ Mastercard® to earn 30 points for every dollar spent upon at Station Casinos properties upon approval.

Q: What are the benefits of playing table games at Station Casinos?

A: Table games players may earn comps based on their play and have access to monthly promotions and offers (subject to availability), as well as earn status credits to accelerate through our status tiers.

Q: How do I check my current offers / promotions?

A: Guests can always check their offers, promotions and points online at or by swiping at the Kiosk on property. Visit the Rewards Centers, our Boarding Pass experts, for any additional questions.

Credits vs Points

Earning credits = status levels
Earn your status in 6-month earning periods, January-June & July-December. Keep your status for 6 months!

Points you spend on free slot play, free bingo play, free sports play, free meals, cash back, and more! 1,000 points = $1.

Earn points
Slots/Video Keno*: $1 = 1 point
Video Poker/Multi-Game*: $2 = 1 Point
Bingo Wager: $1 = 5 points
Race & Sports Wager: $1 = 1 point
Pari-Mutuel Race Wager: $1 = 20 points
Live Keno: $1 = 15 points

Earn status credits & achieve higher card status*Slots: $1 = 3 status credits
Video Poker*: $1 = 1 status credit
Bingo: $1 = 1 status credit
Race & Sports Wagers: $1 = 1 status credit
Pari-mutuel Race Wagers: $1 = 10 status credits
Live Keno: $1 = 15 status credits
Table games: Earn credits based on the type of table game, average bet and amount of time played
Restaurants (Station’s Owned): $1 = 10 status credits
Steakhouses (and Hearthstone) $1 = 20 status credits
Beverage: $1 = 30 status credits
Spa Treatments: $1 = 10 status credits
Hotel stays: $1 = 50 status credits
Bowling: $1 = 10 status credits
Ice skating: $1 = 10 status credits

*On Select Games

Status credits are based on a 6-month period.

Earn points between January 1 and June 30, and from July 1 through December 31. You will keep your status for the remainder of the 6 months, plus the next 6-month period.

Status Thresholds

Easy To Get To The Next Card Level

Preferred Card: 999 credits or less

Gold Card: 1,000 – 39,999 credits

Platinum: 40,000 – 99,999 credits

President: 100,000 – 299,999 credits

Chairman: 300,000 credits or more

Download the Boarding Pass Brochure to view your Tier Level Benefits

Forgot Password?

  • Got to
  • Click on the “Forgot Password” link on the right hand side of the page under the “*Password” entry field.
  • Enter your Email Address.
  • Password reset instructions will be emailed to your email on your account.

Win/Loss Statements

Current statements: You can now download online and print your win/loss statement right from your computer.

  • Log into your account.
  • Find the red “Print Your Win/Loss Statement” button (on the left hand side of your offers) and click to print.

Previous statements: You may manually request a win/loss statement form to be mailed to you by downloading and submitting our win/loss request form below.

  • Download this form.
  • Completed forms can be brought to the Rewards Center at any Station Casino, Fiesta Casino, or its subsidiaries. Please have valid photo identification with you when dropping off the form. The forms sent via mail must be completed in their entirety and signed in the presence of a notary public.

I misplaced my my|Rewards Boarding Pass card/number or PIN.
For your security, your my|Rewards Boarding Pass number and PIN are required to set up your account. Please visit the Rewards Center at your favorite property to retrieve your my|Rewards Boarding Pass number and/or PIN.

I don’t have a my|Rewards Boarding Pass Card.
If you have never had a Station Casinos my|Rewards Boarding Pass card, we invite you to visit any Station Casino and sign up to be a part of the best player’s club in Vegas! When you get your my|Rewards Boarding Pass and PIN be sure to return to and register your account.

Can I get a my|Rewards Boarding Pass card online?
Yes! Sign up for your my|Rewards Boarding Pass online here.

Unfortunately, our online system does not currently support international registration. However, you will be able to sign up at the Rewards Center of any Station Casinos, Fiesta, or Wildfire property.

Room reservations can be made by calling the property, they will sign you up for a Boarding Pass at check-in. International guests are not required to have a my|Rewards Boarding Pass when calling to book a room with myVegas rewards.