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Station Casinos Keno

Locals call ours the best keno in Las Vegas…and we won’t argue.

The Best Keno in Las Vegas is Calling Your Name

Step into any Station Casinos Keno Lounge and see why they’ve been voted the Best in Las Vegas by locals time and time again. Our keno games start at just $1, and players have the option to play straight tickets, way tickets, or multi-race tickets.

Not ready to play in person? No problem! Check the winning Las Vegas keno numbers online below.

Red Rock exerior view

Red Rock Resort

You’ll only need to step into Red Rock’s Keno Lounge to see why it’s widely regarded as the absolute best in Las Vegas. It hosts 20 seats, four writer stations, automatic ball drawing, and Jumbo Keno as a linked progressive on 6, 7, 8, and 9 spot tickets. Don’t want to sit in the Keno lounge? Our mobile Keno writer can come to you anywhere on the casino floor.
Green Valley Ranch Exterior Front Entrance

Green Valley Ranch

With personalized service and plush seating, it’s no wonder locals call ours the best Las Vegas keno. With four writer stations, automatic ball drawing, and Jumbo Keno as a linked progressive on 6, 7, 8, and 9 spot tickets—winning big has never been easier than it is in our inviting 20-seat Keno lounge.
Palace Station exterior view with pool

Palace Station

Play our traditional Gold Game or try keno in the café daily from 9am-4pm, where you can bet just a penny per game on 1,000 game multi-race tickets when playing the Five and Dime Pay Table. The all-new, 12-seat dedicated Keno Lounge at Palace Station offers the perfect place to play your lucky numbers.
Santa Fe Station exterior view

Santa Fe Station

With games starting at just $1—and the largest $1 Jumbo Keno Progressive—winning big has never been easier or more affordable than it is with Stations Casino keno at Santa Fe. Join us in our inviting 20-seat keno lounge for an intimate setting and personalized service—or play keno at Grand Cafe while you enjoy a mouthwatering meal.
Sunset Station exterior view

Sunset Station

With a comfortable keno lounge that boasts plush seating and personalized service—winning big at Vegas keno has never been easier than it is on the incredible gaming floor at Sunset Station.
Boulder Station Hotel Casino exterior view

Boulder Station

Winning big has never been easier—or more affordable—than it is with Las Vegas keno at Boulder. We offer all of your favorite keno specials—including Five & Dime, Perfect Three, Mega Ten, $1.25 Keno Mania, and our fan-favorite $2 Four Spot Special. Take a seat in our intimate 18-seat keno lounge, or play at an array of locations across our casino floor.